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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teachers' Day 2010

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for those who were free to come to Anderson Primary School to visit me. Here are some of the photographs I took of you.
Mr Ong

Monday, November 2, 2009

SA2 Examinations and Post Examination Reflection

Hi Everyone,

Phew! The exams are finally over! Have you done your best in your examinations? What do you plan to do now that the examinations are over? In this blog, I would like you to reflect on your examinations and what you plan to do from now until the school re-opens next year. To help you with your reflection, I have listed some questions below:

1. How did you perform in the various SA2 papers?

2. Which paper/s did you find it easier or more difficult?

3. Why do you find these papers difficult or easier?

4. What have you been doing after the examinations?

5. What do you plan to do from now until the school re-opens next year?

6. What would be one or two things you want to do better next year?

7. How do you plan to achieve them?

I am looking forward to read your reflection.

Ong Jin Cheng

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Journal Writing T3 W7 : Graciousness

Hi Everyone,
This week, we will be writing our reflection on graciousness. By being gracious, we can help one another get on the day without showing anger or being impolite. This is more so in a densely populated city like Singapore where it is crowded everywhere. Mrs Nam has introduced the 'Magical Dust of Kindness' project where you are to show your graciousness by using the magical words. I hope you have been practising saying the magical words.

To help you with the reflection, I have listed some questions to guide you. You are not to just answer the questions. Instead, you are to use these questions as a guide and add your own ideas, opinions and thoughts. In this way, your reflection will be more meaningful and interesting.

Here are the questions?
1. What is your meaning of 'graciousness'?
2. Can you give some examples of acts of graciousness?
3. What acts of graciousness have you personally done?
4. Besides the reasons I gave, what other reasons do you think we should be gracious to one another?
5. Do you think Singaporeans are generally gracious? Why do you think so?
6. How can we make Anderson pupils more gracious?
7. Do you like the 'Magical Dust of Kindness' project? Why?
8. How have you benefitted from this project?

I hope to read your reflection soon.

Mr Ong

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journal Writing T3 W6 : Cyber Contacts

Hi Everyone,

Mdm Phua Ei Ling, HOD (IT) wrote this:

" Dear Cyber Kids,
Nowadays, we are exposed to the exciting world of the Internet. We are able to search for information or even chat with friends at the click of a mouse. At times, we are required to key in our personal information and we might not even be aware of the dangers of doing it. This is Elean’s encounter with one of her cyber contacts.

“Elean was a 10 years old girl. She loved chatting with friends and getting to know new friends online through various social network platforms. One day, there was a boy named Roy who initiated a chat with Elean. As Elean was bored at home, she decided to add him to her friends’ list and both started chatting with each other. After about 10 minutes, Elean began to share her personal information to Roy. She even sent a photograph of herself to Roy. Soon, Roy requested to meet up with Elean. Even though Elean knew nothing about Roy, she agreed. Just then, her parents came home and found out that Elean was going to meet up with an online friend, one whom she had never seen him before. Her parents stopped her and highlighted the dangers of meeting with a stranger for a young girl like her.”

What about you?

Share with us your story. You may use the following questions to help in your reflection.

1) Have you ever revealed your personal information online?
2) What form of personal information can and cannot be shared online?
3) What are the dangers of sharing personal information?
4) What would you do if your Cyber pal requested for personal information to be shared?
5) What are your experiences on online activities with regard to cyber contacts ?
6) If any of your cyber pals asked you to go out with them, what would you do?
7) How do you protect yourself from people with evil intentions in the cyber space?:

I hope to read your response soon.

Mr Ong

Homework : 6 August 09

1. English
Unit 9 : Bright Ideas. Do all the pages.

2. Mathematics
Maths WS : Review B - (Shaping Maths Course Book 6B)
Maths Activity Book pg 53 - 59.

3. Science
Science Revision Paper 1 - To do all the pages..

Make sure you complete the exercise before Tuesday.
Mr Ong

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homework 31 Jul 09

1. Mathematics
To do PSLE Mathematics 2004 - 2008 p 6 - 14.
To do Maths Activity Book p 48 -52

2. Pastoral Care
Cyberwellness - To write a song using the knowledge you have learnt on Cyber Addiction, Inappropriate Content and Cyber Contacts

3. Oral English
To practise reading aloud, picture discussion and conversation using the PSLE English Language 2004 - 2008 booklet.

Mr Ong